Here are some reasons WHY our lures are special!


Individually hand crafted ♥ - Yes our fussy lure maker Ken will not compromise its quality, so he makes every single one of them by hand to ensure its quality

Designed by extensive knowledge ♥ - He benefited from years of commercial fishing experience to gain the knowledge of natural behaviours of many different kinds of fish

They look like bait fish ♥ - Bait fish colours and sizes are carefully matched

Doesn't damage the line ♥ - Thanks to full insert length nylon insert

Quality skirt ♥ - Heavy durable bottom skirt glued and tied with holographic tinsel

Pull through leaders ♥ - 4mm hole in the insert made it possible!

Shiny as ♥ - Best holographic tape is used in the head

Lots of bubbles ♥ - The hole in the insert gets bigger inside to create extra cavity

Noisy as ♥ - Cavitation in changes makes noise as well as bubbles

Great swimmer ♥ - Lures stay on water at faster speed

No smell ♥ - But catch a small tuna and cut it open then rub our lures in it makes it even better!

Fish LOVE our lures ♥ - Most importantly, our lures are irresistible to fish! We've had countless customers experiencing our lures out fish other branded lures!